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I started writing at an early age. My obsession with story telling pushed me to master block letters and then cursive. When the world digitized, I took to the keyboard. I’ve written ebooks and research articles, banner ad copy and nurture campaigns, marketing plans and blog posts. Grabby headlines are a cinch.

Star Wars


A short time ago, in the corporate travel industry…

It is a time where the travel market is dominated by one player who is dictating the future of online booking tools. The world of corporate travel is eager for an alternative who listens and responds. And so arrives the Rebel Force - Deem.



Deem’s white paper finds the five key answers to corporate traveler satisfaction. The special report looks at the challenges and opportunities facing travel managers in a new self-service environment, particularly regarding traveler preference, policy and compliance violation and maintaining duty of care.


Enterprise Level Features and 100% Uptime- It's not a Fantasy

Here at Deem we work hard on providing enterprise level features and functionality for our customers and partners.

Not only do we offer Southwest flights, travelers get free 24-hour check-in (which pretty much guarantees them A or B placement - no middle seats here!). We integrate seamlessly with work calendars, provide Google ITA search results for better flight options, offer multiple modes of ground transport so your travelers can book everything in one go. Not to mention, we're faster than the others. In time tests, Deem completes full itineraries with flight, hotel and car in less than 3 minutes!

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