Tahnee Perry

Deem Rebranding 

The new Deem required a strong logo mark and a compelling story. The marketing team worked with an experienced logomark designer and digital agency to create a suite of assets that embodied the brand and connected with customers. The reversed "e" logo embodies Deem's mission of supporting the four constituents of corporate travel and representing the forward moment of aircraft wings.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 11.39.45 AM.png
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GBTA Convention Presence 

The GBTA Convention is the largest corporate travel event in the U.S. The marketing team invested heavily in a coordinated presence, including: expo floor, customer video interviews, media sessions, hosted town hall and education panels. 

Deem Content Creation

The marketing team invests heavily in targeted content across multiple channels.

IN:Business Travel

MasterCard tasked the Northstar marketing team to create a thought leadership series targeted at the corporate travel industry. The team worked with a design agency and production company to create the IN: Business Travel platform, including a website, blog and video content. 

The Young Leaders Summit

The Phocuswright Conference audience was lacking diversity in gender and age - it was a conference center full of old white guys! I pulled together a small team and created The Young Leaders Summit - a group of 35 travel professionals under the age of 35. They participate in a specialized program at The Phocuswright Conference, including group activities, guest speakers and networking. The program has changed the face of the larger conference - bringing people from around the globe, women and young entrepreuenrs to the event. 

Global Travel Marketplace

Northstar launched a series of new events targeted at high-level travel agents. The event needed to stand out in an already crowded market.

Phocuswright Rebrand 

Phocuswright's core mission is future looking. They needed a modernized brand that still reflected it's history and the authority. 

Phocuswright's all new digital platform

Phocuswright Europe

Phocuswright was looking to extend it's event expertise into the European market. The brand and design required a more inclusive and conversation touch than the U.S. entity.

CruiseWorld Identity Rebrand

Cruiseworld was an old and stagnant brand. The team works with an agency to modernize and globalize the suite of assets. 

Expanding The Phocuswright Brand

A Phocuswright market survey revealed prospects were unfamiliar with the company's research and event offerings. The marketing team partnered with a digital agency to produce a series of videos that explained Phocuswright's products and services. The series was unveiled at The Phocuswright Conference and distributed through the corporate website, via social media sites and YouTube. The campaign was a contributor to sales growth of 17%.

Phocuswright Research

Phocuswright Research branding was languishing without a dedicated focus. We partnered with The Creative Alliance and embarked on a discovery and strategy project to determine a bold look for Phocuswright Research