Tahnee Perry

Strategically minded, results-focused marketing specialist

Video and Stage Appearances


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Tahnee Perry, group marketing director explains the Ski Traveler Study

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A Phocuswright market survey revealed prospects were unfamiliar with the company's research and event offerings. We partnered with a digital agency to produce a series of videos that explained Phocuswright's products and services. The series was unveiled at The Phocuswright Conference and distributed through the corporate website, via social media sites and YouTube. The campaign was a contributor to sales growth of 17%.



I directed The Phocuswright Conference marketing efforts and implemented a series of new strategies, including a microsite, print and online advertising, social media and video. Ticket registration sales increased 37% in 2010 and 2011 sales grew 17%.


Cult of Context: 2013

Chaos Calls: 2010



Phocuswright Research branding was languishing without a dedicated focus. We partnered with The Creative Alliance and embarked on a discovery and strategy project to determine a bold look for Phocuswright Research. The resulting design builds a strong visual identity for the brand. Early indicators show a positive reaction from prospects and clients.